Adela - Mali Lošinj

Zone: Zagazinjine
Distance from the sea: 180 m Distance from the center: 400 m Restaurant: 250 m
  • Attributes

    Object description:

    • The owner lives in the same building
    • Parking place in yard
    • Quiet area

    Distances from:

    • Tourist agency: 300 m
    • Distance from the center: 500 m
    • Distance from the sea: 250 m
    • Post office: 550 m
    • Farmacies: 500 m
    • hospital: 900 m
    • Exchange offices: 300 m
    • Bank office: 500 m
    • Shop: 300 m
    • Restaurant: 250 m
    • Ferry Merag (Cres) - Valbiska (Krk): 66 km
    • Ferry Porozina (Cres) - Brestova (Istra): 82 km


  • Mali Lošinj :

    Mali Lošinj is traditionally a touristically oriented destination with beautiful scenery, rich in history with a mild Mediterranean climate. Whole of the coastal archipelago is filled with atractive bays, natural ports among which the most important one is Mali Lošinj. Mali Lošinj is situated in Augusta bay, one of the most protected natural ports in the Adriatic.

    By the 19th century Lošinj developed into one of the leading sea powers in the region and the town of Mali Lošinj became the 2nd leading port, right after Trieste, in the Adriatic. After the dominance of the sailboats ended and left its marks on the prosperity of Mali Lošinj based on ship building and it has greatly helped in the island's development. The importance of this is also shown by placing a sailboat on Lošinj's coat of arms.

    The very beginnings of Lošinj's tourism go back to the 19th century. Due to its  pleasant mild climate, medical tourism was the first kind of tourism  to develop. In 1892 Lošinj was given a title of a Climate Health resort and its prime field was airway and allergy treatment. According to research done by various naturalists, a 1100 different species of plants have been identified on the island, among them 230 are recognized as medicinal herbs.

    The island of Lošinj is also the home of some exotic species that have been brought to the island by Lošinj's captains and seamen from all over the world. Recognized as the island of fine scents and as the island of vitality, it is the ideal place to recover both your body and mind, especially in the seasons of winter, spring and autumn.

    Our destination is constantly working on developing accommodation of high quality, with a creative offer of touristic facilities and first-rate service, we try to follow the needs, requests and preferences of our guests in order to become the leading eco destination in this part of the world.

  • Cancellation policy:

    If the traveler wishes to change or cancel the reservation, it has to be in written (e-mail, mail or fax) . By „change“ it is considered a change in the number of people, or change of the dates of travel, at least 60 days before using the the service. First change of the reservation, if it is possible without extra expenses, will be made for free. For any more changes the traveler will be charged the expenses of 50 EUR per change. If the change of the reservation is not possible, and the traveler cancels a confirmed reservation because of it, lower mentioned conditions apply. Any change of accommodation unit and any change within 60 days before using the service is considered a cancellation of the reservation.


    In case of cancellation 60 days before arrival, the deposit will be refunded, reduced by expenses in the amount of HRK 370.00.

    The deposit is not refunded in case of cancellation 59 days before arrival.


    Cancellation fees are not applicable in the following situations and with an accompanying written confirmation:


    • death
    • accidents resulting in serious physical injuries
    • sudden acute illness, which requires immediate medical attention/care
    • complications during pregnancy
    • property damage as a result of fire, natural disasters or intentional vandalism by a third party
    • military service/recruitment


    For every cancellation of the reservation Travel agency Mediteran charges 20 EUR of manipulative expenses.


    If a traveller does not arrive to their booked accommodation until midnight on the day of the beginning of the service, without contacting the agency or the service provider, the booking is considered to be cancelled, and the cancellation expenses are calculated as described above.

    By realizing the payment for the booking, the client certifies that he/she is completely familiarized with all the details and conditions under which the particular accommodation unit is offered. By realizing the payment, everything stated in these General Terms and Conditions, becomes a legal obligation of the client and of the Agency. All the conditions and terms specified in this contract become legal obligation of both the client and the Agency.