• 20.01.2022


The Cres and Lošinj archipelago have a Meditarranean climate, characterized by long summers with very little rain, mild winters and rainy autumns. The average summer temperature is 24°C and the average winter temperature is 11,7°C. Due to the annual average insolation of approx. 2580 hours and very low clouds, Lošinj is one of the sunniest parts of Europe. The difference between the highest and lowest air temperatures doesn't change much and the sea temperature in winter is not lower than 12° C and in summer not higher than 27° C. Average humidity is 70%. Owing to the favourable balance between the air humidity and its temperatures and the wind speed, Lošinj climate is helpful for the treatment of bronchial asthma, respiratory system and other alergic disorders for both children and adults.

Characteristics of the micro-climate of Lošinj

Average air temperature during the summer 23.5° C
Average air temperature during the winter 7.9° C
2580 sunny hours a year
Humidity 62% - 73%
Pressure 1006 – 1014 hPa
On average 4 days a year of fog with visibility less than 1km
Average wind speed force 3
Maximum sea temperature 23.6° C
Minimum sea temperature 11.8° C