• 20.01.2022


The natural wealth of the Cres and Lošinj archipelago provides the basis for the rich and healthy Mediterranean cuisine. The main characteristics of this cuisine are fish and seafood specialities, dishes based on traditional island recipes, use of local aromatic herbs, pot herbs and olive oil.

Smoked ham, sheep’s cheese, salted anchovies, seafood salad are some of the cold starters that you should try. For a hot side dish you can have seafood risotto or pasta, minestra or brodetto Dalmatian style. Fresh sea fish, scampi and squid, prepared in various ways, shellfish, roast lamb under peka (earthen baking lid) are the island specialities. Typical local salad is arugula and radicchio. Dishes are seasoned with fresh oregano, basil, sage, balm, thyme, rosemary and laurel.

Do not leave out wine and home-made brandy with aromatic herbs. We recommend the local wines from the island of Susak. All over the island there are restaurants, taverns and other catering establishments, where you can enjoy international dishes and national specialities, as well as local island specialities.

Brudet ( various sea fish in broth )

120 dag fish (grouper, sculpin, eel),
2 large onions,
2 tsp parsley,
5 basil leaves,
4 cloves garlic,
6 medium sized tomatoes,
1 laurel leaf,
3 tbsp olive oil,
2 tbsp vinegar,
salt and pepper.

Preparation: Sauté chopped onion until golden. Add peeled and sliced tomatoes, chopped garlic, salt, pepper and sauté until tomato becomes a uniform thick broth. Add cleaned fish to the broth and sauté until fish is ready (about 30 minutes). Serve hot with cooked, hard polenta. Cook the polenta in salty water, mixing continuously.


Fritule (doughnuts)
Prepared and served for Christmas

1 kg flour,
30 dag sugar,
1 tsp salt,
15 dag dag raisins,
10 dag dried figs,
5 dag orange peel,
Juice of 1/2 lemon,
3 cl homemade grape brandy (grappa) or cognac,
2 l water,
frying oil.

Preparation: put 2 l of water in a pot, add sugar and salt. At boiling point add 80 dag flour to water, mix, move pot from burner and mix well. Allow mixture to cool, mixing occasionally. Add 20 dag flour, raisins, finely chopped figs, grated orange peel, lemon juice and brandy. Mix. Heat oil, dip teaspoon in oil, scoop up dough balls 3 cm in diameter. Fry in hot oil, the dough balls must float in the oil. Serve hot or warm.