• 20.01.2022

Island History

The island through history and tourism development:
The first island settlements started in the 1280. where Veli lošinj is today, when 12 families settled on the hill of St. Nicolas led by Obrad Harnović. After that a number of immigrants established a settlement in today's bay St. Martin. In 1398. the names Velo and Malo selo (big and small villlage) are mentioned.In the 17th century fishing and seafaring began to develop, Mali Lošinj flourishes through further development of seafaring and shipbuilding in the 18th and 19th century.

At that time, around 1754. both Veli and Mali Lošinj have 105 merchant ships. In the 1868. Mali Lošinj takes the second place (after Rijeka and before Trieste) in shipbuilding at the time of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy with 21 deep sea sailing boats built.

19th century is very important for the island of Mali Lošinj because it was in 1880. that the professor Ambroz Haračić opened the first weather station and on the grounds of his research it was proven that the close area around the island of Lošinj offers ideal conditions for developing health tourism and tourism in general.In January 1885. the headmaster of an Austrian clinic brings his son, who has problems with the raspiratory tract, to Mali Lošinj and after a few weeks he successfully recovers.

His father, pleased with the results of the treatment, informs his colleagues, medical experts, and invites them to come and visit Mali Lošinj and its surroundings.That year is also marked as the beginig of tourism development and in 1892. by that time's «Land Law» Veli and Mali Lošinj were proclaimed a climatic health resort. Furthermore, in 1886., prof. Ambroz Haračić proposes to afforest Lošinj and his idea raises great intrest and in the first four years of afforestation he manages to plant 300.000 pine bedders. Thanks to that, especially thanks to Ambroz Haračić, we have today beautiful thick pinewoods along the whole island which have become a trademark and the reason Lošinj is recognizable for and why many tourists today come back to visit our island.

As a result of seafaring and tourism development in Lošinj, today we have interesting bonds of old beautiful villas in the pleasant surroundings of thick pinewoods with a view of the crystal clear sea and clean air. Mali Lošinj was awarded with «The Champion of Tourism» prize in 1987. and 2007.